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4 Essential Pieces of Veterinary Lab Equipment

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A veterinarian is an extremely important profession. Considering that, it’s important to utilize tools that help your profession to continue to grow. Many veterinarians specialize in treating smaller animals including cats and dogs. In fact, statistics show that there are anywhere between 70-80 million dog and 74-96 million cat owners throughout the United States. With that in mind, here are four essential pieces of veterinary laboratory equipment you’ll want to have at your vet office.

  1. Anesthesia Machine

    No pet owner ever wants their beloved animals to feel pain. With that in mind, it’s wise to make sure that an anesthesia machine is on the top of your equipment list. While you might specialize in small animals, there is still the need for proper anesthesia dosage. Since animals are smaller than humans, the need for exact anesthesia dosing is essential. These machines help to automate what otherwise be an intensive and somewhat stressful process.

The Benefits Of Regularly Visiting a Veterinarian

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Having a pet is a wonderful experience. Pets can provide companionship, love, and joy to any home. Many of us have fond memories of our childhood pets, growing up alongside them and, in some cases, viewing them almost as second, furry parents or siblings. Pets have long been a part of many families throughout the United States and around the world, and our lives would be less full without them. From dogs and cats to lizards and fish, there’s a pet out there for everyone to love and enjoy.

No matter what kind of pet you have, it’s important to be knowledgeable in pet care from the first day of ownership to the end of their lives. Proper pet care and medical visits are important for the continued health and growth of your

Work Long Hours? These are the Reasons You Should Consider Doggy Daycare

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We seem to be working longer hours at places that send us farther away from home these days. This type of lifestyle may not seem compatible with having a furry friend, but many people can’t imagine being without a dog. So what is one to do? One option is pet daycare — or more specifically, doggy daycare! Daycare for pets allows you to go to work or be away for the day without worrying about your dog getting lonely, anxious, bored, or hyperactive (and no one likes to come home to a torn up house). A pet daycare will feed, play, and take care of your dog while you can’t be there. This can be especially good for puppies — puppies anywhere from eight to 12 weeks old need around four meals a day and a lot of training, which isn’t ideal if you have to be away during the day.

How Does Pet Daycare Work?
The United States has more pet dogs than any other country in the world — over

Dogs and Cats The Differences

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Low cost animal hospital

Pets are wonderful to have around. They are beautiful, with their bouncing legs and their wagging tongues and their tails that flip around. They are happy, if they are dogs, and they are mercurial, if they are cats. They know their owners and they care about them. They bring a lot of comfort to their owners.

Dogs, for instance, are considered “man’s best friend.” They are lovable, always coming up to their owners and wagging their tails and sniffing or jumping on top of them. They always seem happy to see their owners, bringing happiness to their owners because the dog is their friend.

Dogs are needy creatures. They need a lot of attention and care, which can come from walking them around the neighborhood, taking them to the park, playing fetch with them, constantly petting them, and, of co

3 Ways to Ensure Your Pet is Healthy 24/7

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Veterinary emergency

Having a pet can be a wonderful thing. Together you and your pet can have a wholly adventurous, fun-loving relationship. However, as much as some people love their pets, they can sometimes overlook properly taking care of their health. If you have a veterinarian in Tucson, it’s likely that you’re taking good care of your pet, as you’ll find a lot of quality in the area. But if your pet happens to get sick after hours, putting you and your pet in serious need of an emergency vet services, then a 24 hour animal hospital will be your best option.

24 hour animal hospitals are a great way to ensure that you’re animal is healthy no matter what their condition might be at any time of day. Whether they have a cut on their paw, are vomiting, or are seeming a bit mentally “lost,” taking them to a 24 hour anima