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How to Treat Tendonitis in Your Elbow

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Elbow tendonitis affects a wide range of people. You don’t have to play tennis in order to be affected by this condition. Common reasons for elbow tendonitis to occur include lifting, golfing, and excessive computer usage. Therefore, many people can be affected by tendonitis in the elbow. In this post, you’ll learn signs of elbow tendonitis and how to treat this condition.

Common Signs of Elbow Tendonitis

The main symptom of elbow tendonitis is feeling excessive amounts of pain. What determines whether or not you have this condition is where the pain resonates from. It’s important to note that elbow tendonitis affects the outside of your elbow. Many people get this condition confused with golf elbow which affects the inner part of your elbow.

Elbow tendonitis is commonly felt while performing certain actions. For instance, those with this condition often experience pain while trying to open a door. In addition, people with elbow tendonitis might have problems straigh