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Every dog is different and many of their behaviors are common to their breed. Whether they are male or female can also make a difference in how they act. A vet answers common questions about dog behavior.

Deciding If a Pup Has a Behavioral Issue

If it is suspected that a canine has certain traits that are undesirable or seem potentially problematic, getting help sooner rather than later is recommended. Often, at-home training and correction practices can help along with rewarding desirable behaviors.

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If not, a professional may be needed to train them, or a vet can offer proper medications.

Understanding Pet’s Behavior Patterns

Some dogs are highly energetic, and vets recommend lots of playtime and exercise outings for two to four miles daily when possible. Timid dogs should be provided a space where they feel secure, and at doggy parks take them to a dedicated area for small or shy pooches. Aggressive dogs require socialization efforts, confidence in their owner’s control, and correction as needed.

When To Get Help

If all home efforts have failed, it’s time to see a vet for advice and an exam. They can recommend a treatment or training program to get pups on the right paws to move forward. Addressing dog behavior before setting up for pet boarding is essential. Some establishments won’t accept dogs with negative behaviors that can disrupt the environment.

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