What Makes Good Veterinary Colleges?

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There are good veterinary colleges, and then there are not so good ones. So how does one know which is a good school and which is not? Below, four key drivers demonstrate which colleges make the grade.

One, good veterinary colleges churn out professionals who stay in their fields for a very long time. Of course, these veterinary technology colleges are not wholly responsible for keeping these people in practice, nor is it their job to actually get these new veterinarians jobs. But the purpose of these institutions is to prepare these students for what lies ahead for them, and the good veterinary colleges do so and tend to graduate excellent students who know their stuff.

Two, good veterinary colleges make it tough enough to gain acceptance but also understand that some students have their limits. In this way, the good veterinary colleges take a look at more than just the applications of their students. They look at credentials and past experience, of course, but they understand too that these prospective students care passionately about the welfare of animals, and they read into their essays with as much gravity and weight as they do the grades that these students have earned in their undergraduate coursework. So they essentially look at the whole person, not just how that person looks on paper.

Three, good veterinary colleges have high standards for their students and for their staff and faculty. A veterinary assistant college, for instance, has excellent and professionally trained veterinary assistants and other veterinary professionals who spend their days caring for animals and who have great reputations for their work too. An Ontario veterinary college, as another example, plans its work around faculty members who have gained serious credibility within their respective niches. So these institutions basically serve their students by paying close attention to the people who are actually going to be teaching them. They possess high standards for these educators, so that they can have the ability to churn out these excellent graduates.

Four, good veterinary colleges earn high rankings nationally and internationally. Colleges and universities across the spectrum are very interested in obtaining high rankings, and they have to jump through a number of hoops to get to where they need to be. Those that do well tend to be good veterinary colleges; those that are not as good often are not listed high up on these rankings.

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