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Just Adopted a Pet? You May Qualify for a First Free Vet Visit

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Free vet visit

Did you realize that you could qualify for a free first vet visit after you adopt an animal? Not every type of animal, nor every vet, nor every animal adoption agency, but there are places that do offer the service. Read on for a little more info.

  • Can You Get a Free First Vet Visit?
  • It’s up to the three criteria listed above to determine whether you get that free first vet visit or not. It usually only applies to dogs and cats, so you’ll have to pay for the visit for your gerbil. If you’re buying from a private breeder, you may not get the free visit either, as they usually work in tandem with shelters. But, you just might be able to find a vet’s office that offers this without working with a shelter.

    Your best bet is to go through a shelter to adopt your pet. When I adopted my