Just Adopted a Pet? You May Qualify for a First Free Vet Visit

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Free vet visit

Did you realize that you could qualify for a free first vet visit after you adopt an animal? Not every type of animal, nor every vet, nor every animal adoption agency, but there are places that do offer the service. Read on for a little more info.

  • Can You Get a Free First Vet Visit?
  • It’s up to the three criteria listed above to determine whether you get that free first vet visit or not. It usually only applies to dogs and cats, so you’ll have to pay for the visit for your gerbil. If you’re buying from a private breeder, you may not get the free visit either, as they usually work in tandem with shelters. But, you just might be able to find a vet’s office that offers this without working with a shelter.

    Your best bet is to go through a shelter to adopt your pet. When I adopted my dog, I went through the big non-profit here in the city, and they offered that free visit. It can be “free” in two ways. The shelter actually pays, or the vet actually does it free of charge.

  • How Much Are Vet Visits?
  • Vet bills can vary pretty drastically for many reasons. Take two puppies, the same age, from the same shelter, and their first vet bills could be fairly different. Puppies, for their first two years, need shots and boosters, they need to be fixed, they should be micro-chipped if the shelter did not do it already.

    You will need to start them on heart worm, flea, and parasite medication. As well as tick medicine if they run the risk of being exposed to ticks. If you have the vets office cut your dogs nails, that will be a fee. Everything costs something, and there’s never a way to know just what you need done.

  • How Can I Find Out a Vet Visit Cost Without Going to One?
  • You can get something of a rough idea of what to expect by finding a vet price list online. If you know what you’re bringing your pup in for, barring any unforeseen procedures, you can look at that list for common prices. Before you even adopt the dog, look into a list like this to get a good idea of what you’ll be spending.

    It is said that, in the first year you own the dog, you can expect to spend nearly $1,000 in vet bills, and other pet necessities (toys, bedding, leash, food, dishes, et cetera). This gives you a great idea of whether you’ll be financially able to support your new puppy.

Don’t brush aside the prospect of a free first visit to the vet. “Yeah, it’d be nice, but I don’t need it.” No, you do need it. With how much a new pet costs, any little bit counts. Plus it encourages you to get your pet into the vet regularly (which you should definitely be doing), and it also encourages you to adopt from a shelter (which you should definitely be doing), because they are the most likely to offer that free visit.

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