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Simple Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Dog

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Sometimes a home just doesn’t feel right without a pet. When you want a companion that will provide you with days of laughter and joy, a dog is often the right way to go. Coming in a plethora of unique breeds and temperaments, dogs have been one of the most popular pets for centuries. They’re used as playmates for children, support for those with disabilities and therapy companions for those struggling with mental health issues. When dogs provide us so much happiness and support, it only makes sense to reach out to them and make sure they live a long and fulfilling life. Insurance for pets is one such way of making sure your furry friend receives the care they need no matter their stage in life.

How Long Have Dogs Been Around?

Where there’s humans, there’s dogs! Dogs have been around for thous

Comparing a Horse’s Needs to Other Domestic Animals Needs

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Unless you were raised around horses, you are likely very unfamiliar with their specific needs and how to properly raise them. Owning a horse can be very rewarding, but it also requires a lot of work. Many people do not realize the amount of work that goes into owning just one horse. If you are considering horse ownership, carefully compare these important factors and differences with other types of animals you might have previously owned.

Amount of exercise needed

Horses need a lot of exercise. You have probably heard the same about dogs, especially larger dogs. However, the amount of exercise that is required of even a large dog when compared to a normal sized horse is a huge difference. Horses have an instinctual need to run and roam. This often requires hours and hours of daily ex

Two Beneficial Treats Your Dog Craves

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Dogs are the most popular pet to have in a household. There were about 77.8 million pet dogs in the United States in 2015. That means almost half of the households in America have a dog. Taking care of a pet can be hard work sometimes, but as man’s best friend, it’s definitely worth it. Dogs need great food to cover their nutritional needs. However, beyond that are treats. Treats can be used as a reward and be a flavorful snack for dogs, but they don’t always need to be unhealthy. Many treats on the market are processed and contain many fillers. They can be calorie dense, and generally very unhealthy for a dog to consume. Some may even be treated with potentially harmful chemicals. Dog’s bodies cannot process these additives and chemicals, and they should not have to consume them either. Continue Reading No Comments