Two Beneficial Treats Your Dog Craves

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Organic bully sticks

Dogs are the most popular pet to have in a household. There were about 77.8 million pet dogs in the United States in 2015. That means almost half of the households in America have a dog. Taking care of a pet can be hard work sometimes, but as man’s best friend, it’s definitely worth it. Dogs need great food to cover their nutritional needs. However, beyond that are treats. Treats can be used as a reward and be a flavorful snack for dogs, but they don’t always need to be unhealthy. Many treats on the market are processed and contain many fillers. They can be calorie dense, and generally very unhealthy for a dog to consume. Some may even be treated with potentially harmful chemicals. Dog’s bodies cannot process these additives and chemicals, and they should not have to consume them either. Organic dog treats are for people who want the best for their dogs. Wholesale natural dog treats are nutritious and delicious to your dog. They are made from completely natural ingredients and can also be beneficial to the health of your dog.

1. Organic Bully Sticks

Wholesale natural dog treats includes bully sticks, which are made from 100% beef. They are a great substitute to other processed dog chews. Bully sticks are always natural and contain no chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. Dogs are omnivorous, so while they can eat both meat and plants, they still crave the flavor of meat. A regular bully stick has about 88 calories, which is only 9% of the recommended caloric intake for a 50 pound dog.

2. All Natural Antler Chews

Antler chews are also a popular treat used for dogs. These chews can come from deer, moose, or elk. Generally these treats are not consumed by the dog, but it is flavorful to lick and chew on. Antlers from wholesale natural dog treats are beneficial as a treat because they will clean a dog’s teeth. Antler chews have bone marrow, which is rich in vitamins and minerals that dogs need. They are 100% natural and never treated or coated with any harmful chemicals. This is a contrast from regular rawhide bone chews, which come from cows and need to be treated.

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