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The Benefits of Emotional Support Animals for Anxiety

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Anxiety can be a nearly impossible mental illness to deal with on your own. It can immobilize you and stop you from doing the things you love. Whether you have social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, it can negatively impact your life in a long list of ways.

There are plenty of medications, natural treatments, and home remedies out there that help in overcoming social anxiety disorder. However, one lesser discussed options is adopting an emotional support animal (ESA). Whether you choose a social anxiety service dog or soothing therapy cat, an ESA can help you cope with many different aspects of your mental illness.

A Sense of Purpose

One huge benefit of having an ESA is an added sense of purpose. Sometimes anxiety leads to depression and you end up feeling unmotivated and worthless. You can feel like there’s no point to your life, even wh

How to Care for a Dog’s Damaged Duclaw

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Regardless of what pet owners are dealing with, most will always set aside funds to care for their pets. Even during the most recent recession, Forbes Magazine reports that 92% of pet owners spent the same or more amounts of money on their beloved animals. New pet owners learn that their new puppies will need vaccines every three to four weeks until this animal is about 16 weeks old. However, there are still several other concerns dog owners will want to watch out for including damaged dew claws. Here is how to determine if your dog’s dew claws are damaged and what to do about it.

Dealing with Damaged Duclaws

On their paws, dogs have claws that continue to grow throughout their lives. However, many pet owners are understandably confused about what dew claws are. These claws are similar to a human’s thumbnails. Instead of residing alongside other claws, dew claws are on the sides of your dog’s paws. If your dogs don’t receive nail trimmings on a regular basis, these types