How to Care for a Dog’s Damaged Dewclaw



Regardless of what pet owners are dealing with, most will always set aside funds to care for their pets. Even during the most recent recession, Forbes Magazine reports that 92% of pet owners spent the same or more amounts of money on their beloved animals. New pet owners learn that their new puppies will need vaccines every three to four weeks until this animal is about 16 weeks old. However, there are still several other concerns dog owners will want to watch out for including damaged dew claws. Here is how to determine if your dog’s dew claws are damaged and what to do about it.

Dealing with Damaged Dewclaws

On their paws, dogs have claws that continue to grow throughout their lives. However, many pet owners are understandably confused about what dew claws are. These claws are similar to a human’s thumbnails. Instead of residing alongside other claws, dew claws are on the sides of your dog’s paws. If your dogs don’t receive nail trimmings on a regular basis, these types of claws can quickly become problematic.

Assessing the Damage

Unfortunately, a dog’s dew claw can break off in several ways. In certain situations, a dew claw will only be partially removed. Therefore, this might not affect your dog’s nailbed. However, many types of dew claw breaks occur near this area. If you notice that the area around your dog’s dew claw is red, you’re dealing with a break near the nailbed. There are several signs that your dog is dealing with a dew claw issue. Observe your dog, finding out if they’re constantly licking or otherwise agitating their dew claws. This is a definite sign that something is wrong and they’re likely tending to their respective wounds.

Ensuring Your Dog Receives Medical Care

In most cases, it’s going to be difficult to treat a dog’s damaged dew claw. Most dogs will be understandably stressed and agitated while their owners try to utilize home remedies. Therefore, many pet owners choose to have veterinarians take care of this problem. Regardless of the severity of your dog’s damaged dew claw, it’s wise to schedule some type of medical appointment. Certain pet owners will be able to receive reliable medical care from a nearby vet. However, this type of veterinary emergency can take place at any time. If this veterinary emergency happens after business hours or during the weekend, you’ll likely need to bring your dog into a 24 hour animal hospital.

In conclusion, it’s wise to understand what to do after your dog suffers damage to their respective dew claws. In most cases, you’ll find that an animal hospital is the best route to take for fast and reliable medical care. Many pet owners find that these types of hospitals are also able to provide checkups and shots to their pets as they age. Experts recommend that older pets receive these types of checkups twice per year. If you’re dealing with a broken dew claw or another type of veterinary emergency, bring your dog into a nearby animal hospital.

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