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Pets are wonderful to have around. They are beautiful, with their bouncing legs and their wagging tongues and their tails that flip around. They are happy, if they are dogs, and they are mercurial, if they are cats. They know their owners and they care about them. They bring a lot of comfort to their owners.

Dogs, for instance, are considered “man’s best friend.” They are lovable, always coming up to their owners and wagging their tails and sniffing or jumping on top of them. They always seem happy to see their owners, bringing happiness to their owners because the dog is their friend.

Dogs are needy creatures. They need a lot of attention and care, which can come from walking them around the neighborhood, taking them to the park, playing fetch with them, constantly petting them, and, of course, feeding them and bathing them. Dogs get into situations. They fall on things, hurt their body, injure themselves. They require care.

Dogs need to be taken to the vet, as do cats, which will be covered later. Dogs suffer from a wide variety of ailments, including heart worms and allergies, that require the care of a trained vet. A vet is helpful for numerous reasons and having a relationship with a vet can increase the odds of better treatment.

Communication with the vet is important. If the dog is having trouble with some part of its body, it is a good idea to communicate that to a vet. It’s also important to establish honest communication with a vet. If it fell and slipped on a beer bottle, it’s important to be accountable for removing that from the house.

Dogs are wonderful creatures but they can be a handful. Dogs are happy-go-lucky but they need attention. This is very different from the other most popular pet, which is a cat. There are millions of cats in America, as there as millions of dogs. Both dogs and cats number in the 70-80 million mark.

Cats are more mercurial than dogs. Cats seem to go through a lot of moods. There is the wide eyed I’m going to kill something look. There is the mood where the cat runs around scratching on things like they are possessed by the devil. There is the mood where the cat wants to sit on a person’s lap. There is the mood where the cat needs food.

Cats are more independent than dogs. Cats can take care of themselves. They can amuse themselves, play with objects, sleep on their own, bathe themselves, and generally don’t get into the type of accidents that dogs get into. Cats are agile and can balance well. They can climb and they can jump.

Cats also have claws, which means they can scratch on objects that shouldn’t be scratched on. They may have their cat scratcher, but they will also try to scratch on furniture like chairs and couches. They can damage property, which can be costly and add up quick. There are many great parts about cats. But they need to be taken to the vet as well.

There are many options when it comes to owning a dog or a cat. There are times to take them to the vet clinic or to the veterinarian office. There is the option to purchase pet healthcare or take a course in pet safety. When it comes to procreating, dogs and cats are generally neutered or spayed.

In that case, it is possible to go through the process of neutering a cat or neutering a dog. It is possible to take an animal to a pet spay clinic. It is also possible to find ways of caring for your pet or, if they are a cat, taking them to cat clinics. There are other options. Some statistics are:

  • Although veterinarians explain the importance of brushing, 65% of pet owners do not brush their pet’s teeth.
  • According to a survey from the American Pet Products Association, 86% of pet dogs and 90% of pet cats were spayed or neutered between 2015 and 2016.
  • One unspayed female cat can produce up to 4,948 kittens in seven years.
  • A fertile dog can have an average of two litters a year.

There are other statistics as well.

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