3 Ways to Ensure Your Pet is Healthy 24/7

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Having a pet can be a wonderful thing. Together you and your pet can have a wholly adventurous, fun-loving relationship. However, as much as some people love their pets, they can sometimes overlook properly taking care of their health. If you have a veterinarian in Tucson, it’s likely that you’re taking good care of your pet, as you’ll find a lot of quality in the area. But if your pet happens to get sick after hours, putting you and your pet in serious need of an emergency vet services, then a 24 hour animal hospital will be your best option.

24 hour animal hospitals are a great way to ensure that you’re animal is healthy no matter what their condition might be at any time of day. Whether they have a cut on their paw, are vomiting, or are seeming a bit mentally “lost,” taking them to a 24 hour animal hospital is a sound, sure way to take care of your pet and guarantee that their health is of primary concern.

Considering 24 hour animal hospitals, what are some reasons to visit them instead of your primary veterinarian? The particular reason, as is shown in the name, is that these animal hospitals are open 24 hours. So if your pet ever shows sign of injury or illness, you can ensure that they receive immediate medical treatment. If you’re someone that lives on a tight schedule, or simply works odd, late-night hours, opposite to those of common veterinary services hours, than a 24 hour animal hospital is the way to go.

So, you’re stuck on a tight schedule but still want to ensure that you’re pet’s health is properly maintained. Just what it is that you should keep in mind, notions to ensure their health from day to day? Here are just a few:

  1. CheckUps: Veterinarians recommended that your pet, especially if older, should receive at least two checkups a year. Older pets should receive checkups more often, as health issues become more common with age.
  2. Vaccinations: If you have a young pet, especially a kitten or puppy,
    they’ll require updates on their vaccines every 3 to 4 weeks up until they are 16 years old. Keeping them healthy from a young age is the best way to ensure long, healthy lives.
  3. Dental Health: Nearly 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show early signs of dental disease by the time they’re three years old. Dental disease is best to keep an eye on and prevent, since dental disease can lead to teeth loss, chronic pain, and abscesses in their gums.
  4. Fleas: Giving your pet regular flea medication is important, as controlling fleas can be tough once they first appear. A female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs during their lifetime, and most fleas can live nearly 100 days without consuming any blood. Ensuring they never show up is the best prevention.

If you’re pet is in need of emergency medical services, or if you are a pet owner on a busy, unusual work schedule, then a 24 hour animal hospital is your best option to safeguard your pet’s health from an early age to old.

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