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Many animals have been domesticated around the world, either as livestock or as work animals. Gray wolves were famously domesticated and became dogs, and horses have been essential beasts of burden for millennia, not to mention oxen. Today, many of the jobs these animals performed are obsolete or automated, but horses and dogs still have their place in society. Dogs are common pets and can work with the police or military to sniff out drugs or bombs, and horses are bred and ridden as a hobby and can take part in horse shows. A horse owner will have everything they need, from a riding helmet to a saddle and a stable for that horse, but what if the horse gets hurt? It’s one thing for a riding helmet to protect the rider’s head in case of a fall, but a horse with a fractured bone or sprained leg is going to need a veterinarian’s care. Dog hock braces and ankle brace socks are also helpful if a pet dog suffered a minor injury to its paw or legs.

Horse Care Done Right/h3>
Horses are vital for work, and this was especially true in centuries past, which is why some veterinarians specialize in the care of these animals. Today, a responsible horse rider and owner will handle their charge with care, strapping on a riding helmet for safety and keeping the saddle secured tightly on the horse’s back. This is correct form for riding or racing, but a riding helmet only protects the rider, not the horse itself. Suppose a horse suffers a sprain, an inflamed joint, or a fractured or broken bone during riding? Or what if the horse got hurt when the owner wasn’t there to witness it? A horse may show changes in its behavior, such as shifting its weight constantly between its legs or refusing to allow riders to sit on it. Or, it may refuse to trot or run. These clear warning signs should prompt the owner or rider to call upon a horse doctor, who can make a diagnosis.

Fortunately, not all cases require surgery, and a horse may have leg braces and ankle wraps put on for minimally invasive but fully effective care. Ankle braces and wraps will help a horse walk and trot as normal, but without putting more strain on a distressed bone or joint. So, the horse does not have to sacrifice mobility while moving around, and those leg braces and wrap can be easily removed once the horse doctor determines that the animal has recovered. Such wraps can also help prevent swelling, and they can help a horse avoid straining a distressed shoulder, joint, or muscle. A horse may also have a fleece blanket put on it in the stables during recovery.

Dogs and Injuries

Tens of millions of households are home to at least one dog, and these pets will sometimes need medical attention, such as hock joint wraps or splints and bandages. A pet dog may avoid many of the hazards that strays face, but a dog may still run the risks of getting hit by a car or motorcycle, getting in fights with other dogs, falling from a height, or snagging a paw on something while running. Any of these might fracture or break a bone, sprain a wrist, or more. Dogs are also known to get arthritis in old age.

If a dog’s owner sees their pet limping or refusing to put weight on a leg, or any other change in behavior, they should take their dog straight to the vet clinic for minor cases and an animal hospital for cases of broken bones. A vet will apply splints, bandages, and braces for a broken or fractured bone, and ankle wraps for a sprained hock joint. As with horse leg care products, these items allow a dog to continue walking and running without putting more strain on the distressed body part, so the dog doesn’t have to sacrifice its mobility during recovery. As a bonus, a dog that’s undergoing physical recovery can lay down on a therapeutic bed its owner provides. These thick dog beds can easily conform to the body’s shape and weight, so the dog won’t put more pressure or strain on its leg or joint.


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