Thinking Of Installing A Doggy Waste Station? Consider These Three Things First

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Waste dispenser station

Coming home with a new puppy can be a challenge as a new pet owner. However, you’re prepared: you’ve got your puppy playground equipment, your large dog crate for when Little Fido grows up to be Big Fido, and finally your dog park accessories.

Yet there’s just one dog park accessory you may have forgotten: dog poop bags. You could be fined up to $750 if you don’t clean up your dog’s waste in a public space. So how can you be sure to have dog poop bags on hand? By using a doggy waste station.

A doggy waste station is a pet waste receptacle with a bag dispenser. You can place this station in your own yard or anywhere in the neighborhood by partnering with your town. However, before you place a doggy waste station anywhere, it’s best to have the right type of waste station in mind. Here’s what to look for when choosing a waste station:

  1. Aesthetic
    Not every dog owner likes to see a large, brown-painted steel post in their backyard. Before you choose the doggy waste station that’s convenient, look around at the different sizes, colors, and shapes of stations that are available. After all, the goal for your station isn’t just convenience. It’s also to have the station blend in.
  2. Material
    Waste stations can come in either plastic, aluminum, or steel. Depending on the climate where you live aluminum may be your best choice. Plastic is lightweight, but can crack and fall apart over time. Steel is a heavy-duty option that is more likely to survive various thunderstorms, but it’s also likely to rust. Aluminum is sturdy enough to last without rusting.
  3. Water tightness
    Finally, one of the most important things to look for in a waste station is the water tightness of the cover. When water is let into the waste receptacle, it can make emptying the station especially disgusting. Look for stations that have a mailbox-style receptacle. These types of stations will help keep water at bay along with pesky squirrels.

Cleaning up after your dog is important not only for avoiding fines, but also as a courtesy to the neighborhood. Install a doggy waste station that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and water-resistant and your cleanup will be simple and satisfactory for you and your city.

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