When Was the Last Time You Had to Take Your Dog to the Vet?

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The latest update from the vet indicates that your family’s best friend Duke is going back to surgery.
Your sweet Duke is at the vet’s after he woke up feeling yucky this morning and whining. After noticing he was struggling to potty, you took him in. The vet determined that Duke ate something he should not have and may possibly have a blockage.

Your dog will be staying at the vet’s until at least 5:00 pm today for fluids and whatever other assistance he needs. The drive to get him there was one of the most awful you have ever made and am you are praying the doctors are able to help him. Your will know more later this afternoon, but you are thankful for such an amazing vet office. You had called ahead and it gave you a significant amount of reassurance that when you pulled up the staff came running out to the car to assist with getting him in the clinic.

From making sure that the foods your dog should not be eating are kept out of reach to getting to a vet when something is obviously wrong, there are many times when the line between standard puppy care and the need for specialized puppy care is important. Not surprising, many dogs are important members of the family, so it only makes sense that these pets get the care that they need from the most qualified and experienced vets.

In addition to caring for dogs when they are sick, however, it is also important that pet owners make sure that their animals are not neglected when it comes to the standard puppy care that is needed during a normal day. More and more pet owners are realizing, in fact, that while the entire family is away from home and at work and school, there are times when some of these animals do not do well at home. For this reason, there are a number of puppy daycare options available. Even a monthly visit a vet for professional dog grooming can provide the little extra attention that your pet needs to be its happiest self.

From boarding for dogs while your family is out of town on vacation to the standard puppy care that a doggy daycare setting can provide, their are many pet owners who are willing to go above and beyond their family’s furriest friends.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when pet owners agree to pay for special services for their family dogs:

  • A recent study that looked at social play in adult, group housed dogs at a boarding kennel found that of 343 social-play opportunities, all but one were dyadic in nature. This confirms the fact that your pet’s interaction with other animals is a benefit.
  • As the demand for these services continues to grow, there are now approximately 9,000 boarding kennels offering their services throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • The need for pet day care centers arises from two central facts: people are working longer hours and people are working farther from home than they have in the past.
  • There are many things to consider when you are selecting a dog boarding or daycare setting. Most importantly, however, you want to understand just how well a facility is staffed. For example, an ideal handler-to-dog ratio is one to 10, or one to 15 when the dogs are taken outside
  • For an ideal 15 dog play group, the facility you are considering should have no less than 1500 square feet just for that one group of dogs.
  • As further indication of how attached pets are to human connections, 45% of U.S. dogs sleep in their owner’s bed.
  • The latest research indicates that as many as 36.5% of all U.S. households have a dog.
  • A typical dog is as smart as a two year old toddler and benefits from many kinds of interactions.
  • More than in any other country, there are over 75 million pet dogs in the U.S. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the animal care industry continues to expand.

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