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Veterinary technology colleges

Are you currently enrolled in or considering an Ontario veterinary college? If you love animals and are interested in devoting your life to helping them, then good veterinary colleges are available to teach you all about animal medicine. Before you make the decision to go to a veterinary assistant college you should know these three facts.

The Job

Depending on the state you will have different responsibilities as a veterinary assistant. Some states, like Arizona, have no infrastructure set up for assistants. If you live in Arizona, then you should consider one of many veterinary technology colleges instead. At any rate, the responsibilities you can expect as an assistant, according to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, include blood collection, medication administration, diagnostic imagery, and assisting with euthanasia. No matter what you will be helping the vet in his care of animals in need.

The Perks

The biggest perk for anyone working in any capacity in veterinary medicine is the help you provide. Unlike many others jobs, when you are a veterinary assistant you are guaranteed to do some good in the world. Every single day of your working life will be spent relieving pain from animals and those that care for them. While the highs and lows can sometimes be exhausting, the fact is that every thing you do on the job makes a difference. Other perks of the job include discounts on certain pet care products and a chance to stay up on advances in the field by staying hands-on.

The Salary

According to, salaries for veterinary assistants range from $17,000 yearly to $42,000 if you decide to teach others how to become assistants themselves. These numbers vary by state. Salaries for professionals in the field have risen by 30% since April 2012 and continue to be on an upward trend. You can rely on a steady salary and job security as a vet assistant.

Veterinary assistants enjoy a life of constantly helping others. Further, they can rely on a steady paycheck and a job that will always be there. After all, people will always need to take care of their pets. If all of these things sound desirable to you, then you should apply for a veterinary assistant college immediately.

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