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Heartworm test

There is nothing more common in the United States today than the idea of owning a pet. So many people truly love having pets and truly love taking great care of their pets. Taking great care of your pet is not easy and requires work, but is worth it because it helps prolong the life of your pet by keeping them healthy.

You will have to make sure you keep your pet active with toys and activities as well as properly feeding your pet as well. But what is most important is that you take your pet to a veterinary laboratory to be checked on from time to time. You can get food safety testing or heartworm antigen test, which are both great. Here is what you need to know about the relationship between the clinical diagnostics laboratory and your pet.

Information was released by PetFinder.com that involved a poll. This poll included data suggesting that just about 63% of all dog owners and 58% of all people with cats will give their pets Christmas presents. Yes, I know, Christmas presents. But this helps to suggest how serious people take their pets in the United States, outside the realm of clinical diagnostics laboratory.

Just about 2 million people own horses as pets and this is an important pet to take to the clinical diagnostics laboratory regularly. It has been estimated that in the United States there is an estimated number of 80 million dogs whereas there are almost 96 million cats in the United States. Make sure you take your pet to the clinical diagnostics laboratory often to get them tested.

It will cost you up to $1,000 in order to treat heartworm and this makes it seem like the monthly preventative is a bargain. This is why you should trust the clinical diagnostics laboratory to get you the best results and to help you take care of your pet. Every single year in the United States there are nearly 1 million dogs diagnosed with heartworm disease which is preventative.

Cats will have usually 6 or fewer worms in their lungs and heart whereas a dog can have 30 or more worms. The severity of heartworm disease in dogs is related to the number of worms whereas two worms in a cat can make the pet very ill. Just another reason for you to trust the clinical diagnostics laboratory to help you prevent heartworm disease from spreading in your cat.

Horses are inapparent carriers which simply means they show no overt clinical abnormalities as a result of infection. They live as a holding place for the infection for long periods of times and nearly 1 horsefly out of 6 million is likely to pick up a disease and transmit it into the horse. You should make sure you work with the veterinary diagnostics companies available to protect your pet.

In Conclusion

The clinical diagnostics laboratory is meant to help you and your pets. You should not have to deal with this serious issues alone. Dealing with something like heartworm disease is incredibly difficult and thus you will require the help of a true vet. These people have beem trained to offer you the best help possible and you should definitely let them help you out.

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