How to Prevent Your Dog From Getting Heart Disease

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For those who have a household dog or cat, the importance of your pet cannot be stated enough. And while we love our furry friends so very dearly, we often forget about their very real and imminent mortality, and that they too may die someday.
The age of death for dogs depend on a number of factors. Firstly, small dogs tend to live longer than big dogs, reaching as old as 15 years. For big dogs, you can expect them to live up to 10 to 12 years.
And while the natural course of a life is something that we mere mortals cannot control, we can control the current health and wellness of our dogs. Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to illness and disease, and one of the most common and detrimental diseases a dog can suffer from is heart disease.
Luckily, there are small ways to keep your dog healthy and to ensure that they live a long and happy life, free of animal heart disease:

Regular visits to the veterinarian
Dogs under the age of 10 should see a veterinarian for dogs at a veterinary care center annually. There, they will have a thorough examination performed, as well as a teeth cleaning and annual shots. A trained professional veterinarian will be able to notice issues that you wouldn’t normally notice. Additionally veterinary care specialists can help to come up with ways to keep your dog’s weight and diet in an ideal place.

Help your dog maintain a healthy body weight
Dog obesity is a bigger problem than people realize, as it can lead to a number of conditions, such as heart disease. Just like people ,too much fat can clog a dog’s arteries, leading to heart attacks, stroke, and premature death. Ask a veterinary care specialist about where your dog’s weight should be at, and from there come up with a comprehensive plan. It is also important to take your dogs for regular walks, and to feed them an appropriate amount of food.

Dog is man and woman’s best friend. Ensure a top notch quality of life by ensuring that they don’t get heart disease!

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