My Dog Won’t Obey My Commands Help!

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Have you recently adopted a new dog or puppy into your life? Or are you considering making the leap? One of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of owning a dog is training them to obey basic commands, go to the bathroom outside and not get your new pairs of shoes chewed up. A pretty tall order when you already have to focus on keeping them fit, well-fed and emotionally sound! When you’ve about reached your limit, a dog training company is a multi-faceted resource that can tackle any issues you’re facing. Staffed by experienced dog trainers, they can instill positive behaviors and reliable commands in your adult dog and puppy alike, saving you stress and money both.

How Many People Own Dogs?

Dogs are one of the most popular pets for families and individuals across the country. It’s estimated over 46 million households own at least one dog! They can be owned as assistants to those with disabilities, helping people complete mundane tasks, or as companions for mental illness. Even now they remain an ideal choice for well-adjusted and happy families or couples. The positive emotional and mental health benefits to pets has been long documented by psychologists and scholars for hundreds of years and nowhere is that more clear than the pervasive love dog breeds of all shapes and sizes are given today.

Where Should I Buy A Dog Or Puppy?

The two most dependable options of adding a new furry friend to your life is going to your local animal shelter or contacting a professional dog breeder. The benefits to this include having the dog or puppy in question already given their basic shots and spayed or neutered — if you adopt one from a friend whose dog recently had a litter, you’ll have to do all that yourself! Buying a puppy can be a great option for those who want to go through all the stages of a dog’s life, though there are plenty of older dogs who could use a loving home.

What Are Popular Breeds?

There are dozens of different dog breeds, each with their own extensive and fascinating history. It’s estimated there are 150 total as of today, each one divided into eight significant classes — sporting, working, hound, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding and miscellaneous. The most beloved dog breeds in the United States are the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Beagle and Dachshund. Choosing the right dog breed depends heavily on your lifestyle, such as whether or not you’re a sedentary individual in the big city or part of a family on a large farm.

What Is A Dog Training Company?

Can’t get your dog to listen to the ‘sit’ command? Want to teach them a few useful tricks? Professional dog trainers are experts in the field of dog behavioral science and can help implement positive behaviors in your furry friend in a matter of weeks. However, they can also teach dog owners! For starters, puppies need less exercise than a fully-grown dog, as they’re still developing important leg and heart muscles — over-exercising a growing puppy, in fact, can cause early arthritis if you’re not careful! A general rule of thumb is five minutes of exercise per month of age.

Should I Apply For Dog Obedience Training Classes?

Puppy training can be a gargantuan feat, of which a dog training company can make infinitely easier on you with weekly courses. An overwhelming 99% of respondents to a recent survey believe positive reinforcement is the best way to effectively train a dog, with another 94% spending a certain amount of time each week training. An additional bonus in taking your pet to a dog training company is helping them socialize with others, becoming more friendly and outgoing in the process. Next time your dog is pulling on its leash too much, consider investing in a dog training company — you won’t be disappointed!

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