What Should You Look for In a Vet Hospital?

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There are over 380 million pets in the U.S., compared to 300 million humans –this represents 63% of all U.S. households, and 40% own more than one pet, and each and every one of them understand that part of owning a pet is attending to its health. If preventive care and health practices are maintained, then most likely your pet will remain quite healthy, but the fact of the matter is that accidents do happen, and it is possible that your pet will get sick or suffer some sort of health condition. Periodontal disease is the number one most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats. Check out a list for what to look for in vet hospitals and veterinary clinics:

As with any medical facility, it is quite important that the vet hospital you frequent is up to and exceeds standards for cleanliness and medical safety standards. Animal hospitals are no different from human hospitals in the sense that infections and disease may spread if special safety protocols are not observed.

Of course, it is always best to go to a doctor of any kind that has experience working with whatever you need. For instance, many pets specialize in young animals and know exactly how to handle puppies and kittens. Others have experience with older animals, or with large animals, or tiny animals. Have a conversation with your pet care provider before you commit to anything and make sure that you are signing on with an individual provider with ample experience.

There are many, many types of animals that are serviced at vet hospitals, but it may be advisable to seek out a vet hospital that has vets that specialize in your type of pet and its breed. Indeed, it would not make sense to patronize a vet hospital for your pet lizard if there weren’t reptile specialists working there.

Eight million to 10 million pets end up in U.S. shelters every year — remember to be thankful for your pet and donate to causes that help these strays who might not have as amazing healthcare.

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