Why Spaying and Neutering is So Important

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If you have a pet, the importance of spaying or neutering your pet cannot be underestimated. You may feel like this is a cruel thing to do right off the bat but hopefully this article will explain why neutering your cat or dog will actually be helpful in the long run. It’s not just about limiting the amount of stray dogs and cats. Here are some reasons for the importance of spaying or neutering your pet if you are not planning to breed.

  • Male cats and dogs spray their urine in order to mark their territory. This could be inside or outside. If you feel that they need to establish their dominance for any reason, you will probably find them spraying.

  • Neutering your pad will also eliminate the risk of testicular cancer in them. You’d be surprised how common it is dogs and cats so neutering works as a great prevention method.

  • Neutering will also reduce the risk of hyperplasia in the prostate gland and prostatitis and peroneal hernias in dogs in particular.

  • Male cats and dogs tend to be hostile towards one another if they are not neutered because the aggression is hormonally influenced. If you neuter your dog then he will not be so aggressive towards other animals but it will not impact his protective instincts for his home and family.

  • Neutering also decreases male dogs embarrassing behavior such as mounting other animals, family and furniture.

  • Male dogs and cats often get lost when they’re roaming to find a mate. Neutering can keep them closer to home once the hormonal urge to find a mate has been removed.

  • If you do not neuter your dog or cat but do not allow them to meet then the animals will become sexually frustrated. Without those urges, the animal will be much happier and able focus more on your family.

  • Spaying your female pet also has its benefits. Female dogs and cats that are spayed actually live longer and healthier lives, getting sick less often.

  • Spaying can help prevent UTIs and breast tumors.

  • Spayed female pets do not go into heat which will eliminate the yowling and urinating that often happens during these times.

  • It is much cheaper to spay or neuter your pets then take care for an entire litter.

Overall if you do not think that you can take care of a litter or that you want to breed a purebred then it is much more humane and responsible to spay or neuter or your pets. There may be a little discomfort after surgery but your veterinarian will likely take different measures in order to control the pain. Sometimes medication can also be sent home with you from the spay and neuter clinic to curb any pain that they may feel during recovery.

Hopefully now you can understand the importance of spaying or neutering your pet. If you do it when they’re young, they will not even remember and they will be a much healthier and happier in the long run. If you want to be able to keep your pet comfortable during recovery here are a few tips.

  • Before surgery, make sure your pet has a quiet place inside and away from everyone where they can lay down and relax as soon as the surgery is done and they are home.

  • Your pet should not be running or jumping for at least two weeks after the surgery is done. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend a specific time frame.

  • Don’t allow your pet to lick or bite the incision site because this could cause infection. You can distract them with treats or playtime.

  • Your pet should not be bathed for a minimum of 10 days following surgery.

  • Every day you should check the incision site to make sure that it is properly healing. Any redness, swelling or discharge at the site should be seen by a veterinarian. Any changes in behavior should also result in a visit to the vet.

The importance of spaying or neutering your pets when they are young has to do with pet safety rather than anything else. It is all a part of caring for your pet. Hopefully you now realize that the process is done out of love rather than cruelty.

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