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Veterinary colleges

Pets are part of the family. Over nine out of ten Americans view it that way. People play with their pets, watch tv with them, take them out to the bathroom, and pay for health care for them. Good veterinary colleges provide the vets that people turn to as they look for their furry family members to be well taken care of.

Veterinary colleges generally have four year programs. They spend the first two years teaching basic courses, with an emphasis on science. This means that aspiring vets attend classes like nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. By the third year, the students take more clinical classes that deal with topics like surgery and dentistry. The fourth year of good veterinary colleges involves field work to give the future vets experience. Most schools do not allow vets to specialize on a certain animal. They require them to have a working knowledge for all animals.

Good veterinary colleges also include veterinary assistant college programs and veterinary technology colleges. While normal vets mostly do medical tests, veterinary assistants are trained to clean, feed, and care for the animals. Their schooling is cheaper and shorter. Meanwhile, veterinary technology colleges train vet technicians, who work mostly with the equipment for helping animals, including x ray machines and heart machines.

Ontario Veterinary College is the oldest veterinary college in Canada. It is looked at with admiration by many good veterinary colleges and has trained several vets who have gone on to care for animals around the world.

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