Various Career Options for Animal Lovers

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Veterinary colleges

There are a variety of different professions associated with veterinarians. All of them require schooling at veterinary colleges. The Ontario Veterinary College is the oldest veterinary school in Canada.

Most good veterinary colleges have programs that are four years long. The first two years are primarily spent studying basic sciences, such as anatomy, physiology, and immunology. In the third year, future vets are exposed to more clinical topics, such as surgery and dentistry. The fourth and final year consists mostly of field work. Most schools do not allow animal specialization and train their vets to be able to care for all varieties of animals. Ontario veterinary college is one of only five veterinary colleges in Canada, and it is the only one in Ontario.

If a person does not want to be a vet but still wants to work with animals, one option for them would be to become a veterinary assistant. That person could go to a veterinary assistant college. The costs would be less than an ordinary veterinary college as the schooling is much shorter, sometimes only being one year long. While veterinarians are mostly responsible for administering medical tests, veterinary assistants are mainly responsible for feeding and caring for the animals. Ontario Veterinary College offers programs for those aspiring to be veterinary assistants.

Another option open to somebody interested in caring for animals as a profession is to become a veterinary technician. This would require schooling at veterinary technology colleges. A veterinary technician has extensive knowledge of the equipment used, such as heart machines, and is responsible for preparing and restraining animals in procedures, advising pet owners on proper care, administering inoculations, and suturing and dressing wounds. Ontario veterinary college also offers programs to educate and prepare aspiring veterinary technicians.

Many people respect and care for animals. There are many different career options available to those people. Ontario Veterinary College offers the courses necessary to become certified as veterinarians, veterinary assistants, and veterinary technicians.

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