The Many Responsibilities of Owning a Pet

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Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility and care. Many people who purchase or adopt pets do not realize the extent of their care. You are responsible for the care, pet safety and health care. They require regular feedings, fresh water and vaccinations. Regular checkups provide them with routine medications for prevention purposes, such as heartworm medication and flea prevention. All pets should also be spayed or neutered, as early as possible.

In addition to the regular vaccinations and prevention medications, pets may also require special health care. Some pets can develop things like allergies or health conditions that need to be monitored and catered to. 66% of all dog food allergies are caused by beef, dairy and wheat. Dogs with allergies need to be on special diets, often requiring food that can be much more expensive than regular dog food options.

As mentioned, pets should also be on heartworm preventative medication all year long. This is a monthly medication that prevents the dog from developing heartworm. The American Heartworm Society reported that cases of heartworm disease have been found in all 50 states, at all times of the year. All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito to infect your cat or dog. Pet owners with cats who strictly stay indoors may feel they do not need heartworm medication. However, mosquitos can get into the home and infect the cat, as well.

Pets also require a lot of training. Training allows them to live with their owner better and increases satisfaction of both. Pets that are not trained properly may cause damage to their homes and harm to themselves. Improper training can also lead to anxiety or cases of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs and cats is generally worse during the first 15 minutes your pet is alone, but can persist during the entire time you are away.

Pet owners should also be careful about boarding of their pets for long periods of time. Dog clinics or cat clinics for boarding can cause things like kennel cough in the pets. It can also cause them to be more anxious, as they are in an unfamiliar environment with noises that they are unaware of. Kennel cough symptoms include watery nasal discharge, lethargy, loss of appetite, depression and fever. These symptoms will develop 3 to 4 days after exposure and may last for 10 to 14 days.

Pet owners also need to be sure to spay and neuter their pets. This can generally be done at the local dog vet clinic or cat vet clinic. An Arizona spay neuter clinic is a great resource for those living in the state of Arizona. There are many benefits of spaying your pet at the Arizona spay neuter clinic. For one, it prevents overpopulation of animals. There are already too many animals in shelters not being adopted. It also is better health wise for your pet. The Arizona spay neuter clinic also can help with behavioral problems. Oftentimes, after the pets are spayed or neutered at the Arizona spay neuter clinic, they are a little calmer and easier to train.

Pets require a lot of work and dedication. They require training for both the pet and the owner?s satisfaction. They can also develop problems, such as allergies and separation anxiety, which can make it difficult to board the pet. Regular vet visits are necessary for medical checkups, heartworm testing and medication and to discuss any other issues. It is necessary to spay or neuter your pet, as soon as possible. It prevent overpopulation of pets and protects your pets health and behavioral problems.

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