Pet Groomers Tied to Dog Death Try to Open Up New Shop

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A tragic pet death in August forced a professional pet grooming business in Michigan to close, but sources say that one of the owners is now trying to discreetly set up a new shop.

The owners of Shaggy Dog Puppies and Supplies experienced a lot of community backlash last month after dog Max, a seven-year-old Cockapoo, had to be rushed to a veterinary practice for chemical burns. According to the owners, Max was dropped off for his monthly professional grooming. When he wouldn’t stop barking in the waiting room, the shop owners moved him into another room. There, he apparently got into a host of chemicals that spread all over the floor and onto his fur.

Unfortunately, veterinary technicians could not save Max by the time he arrived, and he died that day.

Max’s owners were said at the time to be looking into possible legal action to take against the pet grooming business.

Shaggy Dog Supplies responded the only way it could under the circumstances: shutting down.

“After… years of dedicated service, Shaggy Dog grooming will be closing its doors to future business,” a statement read. “We apologize for the inconvenience to all of our loyal clients who have been bringing their dogs here for decades.”

However, it appears that this saga is not yet over. A groomer, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that one of Shaggy’s owners has applied for a business license to take over Sandie’s Grooming Solutions in nearby Utica. The groomer quit after learning the new owner’s identity.

“I would never ever trust any of my dogs to be in her care,” the groomer said. “I just wish that people would get this word out because I would never want this tragic event to happen again.”

After community protests erupted outside of the Shaggy Dog pet grooming business, how will customers take to a different shop with the same workers? Some 46.3 million households in the U.S. have dogs, and 38.9 own cats — and they all need grooming. But perhaps Michigan pet lovers will be taking their business elsewhere. Check out this website for more.

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