What Do I Need to Know About Dog Boarding?

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Going on vacation with a pet is difficult. Some hotels aren’t pet-friendly. Your pet might feel threatened by a lot of people. Dog boarding is the sensible choice, but what should you know about it?

  • Dr. Kovacs of the Drake Center says the dog’s age and temperament are important: does he play well with others, is he the shy type, does he have separation anxiety, etc? A pet sitter might be a consideration.

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  • If the dog or cat is arthritic or diabetic, then medication is administered by the vet. If the animal has diarrhea, then you’ll be notified and the pet treated.
  • Pet boarding is usually a 24/7/365 thing. Ask if the boarding place has daycare for pets (most do.) Puppies are welcome. Personnel help with potty training and crate usage, giving the animals treats and rewards for good behavior.
  • Exercise in the yard is standard: the dog will be matched with other dogs (never more than three at a time) of like temperament three times per day. The attendant will play with them and keep an eye on them, on-leash or off-leash.
  • Dogs should have their shots up to date, they need to be de-wormed, be checked for parasites, and to have flea collars.
  • Bring any special bedding, food, and toys the dog needs, although the dog boarding facility provides these things.


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