What to Expect When Vaccinating a Dog

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In this video, you’ll learn different things about dog vaccination and how frequently your dog should be vaccinated.
Vaccinations for dogs are essential for preventing your dog from a variety of hazardous and even fatal infections. While rabies vaccination is required by state law, there are a variety of additional vaccines that can protect your dog from deadly infections that are readily preventable.

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The majority of animals only require core vaccines, which protect against the most prevalent and deadly diseases. Distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies are the most important immunizations for dogs.
Vaccinating your dog on a regular basis maintains their immunity up to date and protects them from a variety of dog diseases. If your dog’s immunizations become out of date, they may need to be restarted, which your veterinarian will discuss with you. They’ll make that decision with you depending on the danger of sickness in the area as well as your dog’s medical history.
Some vaccines are administered locally, such as through the nose, but the majority require injection to ensure optimum immune system stimulation. Some vaccines are administered subcutaneously or just beneath the skin, while others are administered intramuscularly or into the muscles.
To find out more about dog vaccination, watch the full video.

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