How to Groom Your Dog at Home

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Skin irritation on dogs

Our pets have to endure a lot of the same types of things that we do. Some people love to go to the hair dressers and be pampered, and some can’t stand sitting there for two hours doing nothing while they are tended to. Likewise, some dogs love the groomers and could stay there for days while other dogs get stressed and feel anxiety while at the groomers. If your dog doesn’t handle going to the groomers very well, then you shouldn’t force them. There are things that you can do at home to take care of your dog. They will probably be a lot happier being groomed in an environment where they are familiar and comfortable. Using dog shampoo for itchy skin or other natural pet shampoos can help keep your dogs skin and coat smooth and mat free. Here are a few ways that you can groom your dog at home.

Combing the Coat
You should comb your dog’s coat every day. This will keep out tough to get through knots and mats and will help the dog get used to it. He will probably even enjoy the attention and feeling of being combed. Brushing is not enough, you need a comb that can get through mats. If you don’t do this every day, when you go to wash your dog, the mats will become tougher and thicker and harder to get through and could end up hurting your dog. Don’t brush or comb too long in the same spot. If a tangle won’t come out, work on it for a little while and then take a break, combing elsewhere and let that area rest for a bit before trying again.

Trimming the Tangles
If a tangle simply won’t come out, you may need to cut it off or shave it if it is very close to the skin. Be very careful when doing this so you don’t injury your dog or yourself. To avoid giving your dog a choppy hair cut, cut parallel to the growth of the hair. Tangles can actually get so tight that bacterial infections that begin to grow underneath it. If you suspect this then you need to take your dog to the vet as soon as you can. Redness and moisture are good signs of infection. Itchy skin in dogs or a skin irritation on dogs is another sign. They may bite or scratch at that area. The vet may just give you dog shampoo for itchy skin to help clear it up but it may be indicative of a bigger problem so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Clearing the Eyes
Some breeds of dogs tend to have watery eyes that need more maintenance than other types of breeds. This may consist of simply wiping the dog’s tear ducts out or clearing away debris that builds up, but it may require more specialized attention. This could be anything from trimming the fur around the eyes to getting gunk out of his coat that surrounds the eye socket. Also be very careful when working with your pet’s eyes as this is a very sensitive part of the body and can easily be injured by a sudden movement.

Checking the Ears
Some types of dog shampoo for itchy skin can actually irritate parts of the dog’s skin more. While clean ears may have a little wax, there should be no odor. If you smell a funky stench in your dog’s ears, you may need to switch out shampoos. There is ear cleaning solution to help clear up any irritation quickly but always make sure that you are gently wiping out your dog’s ears and not rubbing vigorously otherwise you could worsen the problem.

There are many types of products you can get over the counter from dog shampoo for itchy skin to dog toothpaste to special nail clippers. All of these things play a part in keeping your dog properly groomed so that you and they can enjoy their life so much more. Even if your dog hates the groomers, try to encourage the dog to go every once in awhile as groomers look for the things you may have missed. The in between times can be handled at home.

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