Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy



Heartworm antigen test

Everyone wants the best for their pet. Having a beloved animal that becomes part of the family is very important to many people. And making sure that your pet is happy and healthy is a key factor in being a pet owner. While there is certainly quite a lot to keep in mind and keep track of to ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet, it becomes second nature. For the estimated 70 million to 80 million dogs and the 74 million to 96 million cats that are cared for as well loved pets, finding the perfect vet to check up on their health is important.

Clinical diagnostics laboratory for monitoring your pet

In a clinical diagnostics laboratory, test results can be analyzed and diagnoses made when you have concerns about the health of your pet. A clinical diagnostics laboratory will typically be available to area veterinarians, and the veterinary laboratory equipment that is used can help to get accurate blood counts, treat and manage illnesses and injuries, and some may even provide a food safety testing analysis. For some pet owners, a main concern is heart worm and the treatment of it.

Finding the right course of action for heart worm
It has been estimated that heart worm treatment can cost as much as $1000, so in comparison, the preventative measures that you take as a loving pet owner every month ends up being a better deal for your bank account. It these preventative measures are definitely worth it, as about 1 million dogs within the United States are confirmed to be heart worm positive every year. And the number of worms can make a difference, depending on the type of pet you have. Dogs who end up being infected might have over 30 worms throughout their heart and lungs, and cats can have six or as few as one or two, which can still make them quite sick. For dogs, the severity of the disease is based on how many worms there are.

Whatever the case may be, you want a healthy pet. Often the happiness of your pet can affect your own, so make sure you find a vet you trust, and be thorough with your discussions and understanding of your pet’s health.

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