Welcome Cards, Birthday Cards Still Welcome in Today’s Digital Age

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With the internet being so popular and used by so many in today’s age, it’s not a crime to have forgotten about the benefits of things like direct mail, birthday cards, welcome cards, and other stationery items.

In a recent study, researchers sought to determine exactly how impactful these slightly older, yet equally familiar, methods of communication were in today’s age, what with the technological climate being so abuzz.

The good news is, almost three quarters, or 70% of the respondents, claimed that they still viewed welcome cards and other handwritten, customized cards as more personal and more thoughtful than online communications. In other words, those 70% of survey respondents would be much happier to receive birthday cards, reminder cards, welcome cards, appointment reminder postcards, personalized sympathy cards, and things of that nature, than they would be to receive the email equivalent of any of them.

Retention may be another factor you consider when sending a communication to somebody. Keep in mind, an email can be deleted in less than a second — and it’s gone forever. Mail is a physical object people hold in their hand, which makes them far less likely to get rid of it if it contains information that may be useful to them. Of course, emails take up a lot less “space,” as someone can technically have millions of them on a small laptop the size of a magazine, though the ease of destroying and erasing emails as opposed to throwing away personalized cards is definitely prominent.

In order to see how widespread this trend was, of people seemingly recognizing the benefits of cards over emails despite the high number of electronic communications we’re making, the same type of survey was conducted among businesses. Businesses staunchly cling to any process that makes them money, so if any entity already had a good statistical representation of how important customized materials were, it would be businesses.

After surveying 1,000 of them researchers determined that 60% of those with successful campaigns had personalized or segmented materials.

The fix is in — custom or personalized communications are (typically) much-preferred over the alternative.

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