Pet Health Insurance How Pet Owners Are Keeping Their Pets Healthy at a Reduced Cost

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For many of us, our pets are not just animals but members of the family. Although they may not be able to speak, our pets are able to communicate with us just fine through the loving gestures that seem to come as second-nature to them. Since our pets are always there for us, as pet owners we all have an obligation to ensure the health and wellness of our pets through professional veterinarians.

Caring for the Health of Your Pet

Many dog or cat owners will initially take their pet to the veterinarian once they get them to have their injections, get a brief checkup, and often a spaying or a neutering — unfortunately this is the last visit to the vet that many of these animals get for years at a time. Experts suggest that dogs and cats should both see a vet at least once per year — if they are over the age of 10 years then it is advised that they see the vet every six months to ensure that everything is going well. Veterinarians are great sources of knowledge for caring for your pet at home — like humans, a variety of factors can affect the health, wellness, and temperament of your pet from diet to exercise as well as how much time your pet spends at home alone. Moreover, if your pet is not feeling well veterinarians are able to diagnose animals with the same accuracy that human doctors are able to with their patients — ensure that you are following vet instructions and prescriptions to the letter, as many pet owners cease administering medication and antibiotics when their pet appears to feel better; in fact, this can lead to a reoccurring problem if the treatment is not completed.

The Cost of Raising a Pet

Owning a pet can quickly become an expensive matter between health bills, food, recreational equipment, and other expenses that naturally get tagged on with owning a dog or cat. It is estimated that Americans spend around $20.46 billion per year on pet food — some people are trying to cut costs by making their own pet food out of organic and natural ingredients; always ensure that you consult with a veterinary dietician before changing your pet’s diet. Pet supplies and over the counter medicine for animals cost pet owners around $12.56 billion per year and veterinary care costs pet owners another $13.59 billion every year. Since healthcare for pets can be just as expensive as healthcare for humans, many people are finding cat health insurance or dog life insurance plans to help keep pet healthcare affordable.

Insurance for Pets

There are a number of companies that offer pet wellness plans to pet owners across the country. Like human health insurance, cat or dog life insurance policies differ depending on your pet’s needs and the provider. Pet insurance can cost anywhere from $20 to upwards of $60 a month depending on your coverage plan — the average trip to a vet cost dog owners $785 and cat owners $516. For those looking to give your pet the best health coverage you can at an affordable price, consider looking into a cat or dog life insurance plan to guarantee health, wellness, and lifelong happiness for your furry friend.

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