What Types of Veterinarians Are There?

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Veterinary medicine is a vast field and contains a lot more opportunities than you think.

Companion animal veterinarians work primarily with pets just like our doctors would work with us. They can provide inoculations, dress wounds, perform general surgery, dental work, prescribe medicine, and advise clients.

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Veterinary practitioners have advanced training and expertise in certain types of animals: Avian practice focuses on birds, the canine practice focuses on dogs, the feline practice focuses on cats, etc. There are even exotic companion mammal practices as well as reptile and amphibian practices, and many more.

Veterinary specialists focus more on surgery, dentistry, and dermatology, just to name a few.

Livestock or food animal veterinarians work with farm animals like cattle, sheep, and poultry, helping them grow to be a food source. They test for, treat, and vaccinate against diseases that could arise.

Food safety and inspection veterinarians inspect livestock and animal products like eggs, dairy, and meat to ensure they meet sanitation requirements before it is sent to shops.

Research veterinarians contribute to human and animal health by engaging in research to prevent and treat diseases in humans.

With all of these different veterinarians, there are many options when it comes to what you can be and who you can take your pet to.


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