Taking Care of an Apartment Puppy 101

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Whether you are taking your furry friend on your big move, or are in desperate need of a pet in your apartment, you will be happy to know that there’s has been a huge uptick in tenants keeping dogs in their small apartments. This trend has not only resulted in an influx of pet friendly housing developments, but also many new problems arising from keeping a pet in such a small place. In order for you to be able to tackle any new issue coming from a new pet in your rented space, this video provides 5 tips for keeping your dog safe, healthy, and happy in an apartment.

Clearly, every dog needs exercise. If you are considering buying a new dog, ensure that your complex allows for ample outdoor access and walking trails.

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Additionally, it is a better idea to bring a smaller dog into your complex to prevent unnecessary stress on them. Large herding dogs and working breeds need a lot more space, and a cramped apartment unit can cause health problems in your furry friend. Also, be sure to have plenty of toys and things for your dog to play with, apartment life can be boring for young dogs. Keep them active and having fun, and your dog is sure to love living in an apartment.


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